Landscape photography is the genre that I prefer by far! Not only completely natural landscapes, but also landscapes with human elements where man and nature come together harmoniously, such as a mountain village, have an incredible charm! This is no doubt one of the genres where the ability to find the right composition on the field is most important.

Portofino by Night
Passage in Venice
Alpine village in autumn
Bassano del Grappa Bridge
Grazing Light
House in Barolo
Watching Bellagio
Glowing Glacier
Matterhorn Volcano
Boundary Line
Saoseo Lake, Switzerland
Woodland in Fog
Autumn in Valgoglio
Moon over Vernazza
Cinque Terre - Manarola
Lights at Riomaggiore
Waiting for Storm
LightPainting on Monte Farno
Monte Arera
Monte Isola Twilight
Addio Monti